MELBOURNE, VIC, August 15, 2014 – When it comes to 4×4 Shock Absorbers … Bigger is Better!

And when it comes to big, there is nothing larger, stronger and more robust than the new Ironman 4×4 Foam Cell Pro range of shock absorbers.
The Ironman 4×4 Foam Cell Pro range is designed to meet all the demands and challenges faced both on and off-road, loaded or unloaded while producing a superb ride.

4×4 Suspension Product Director, Kristian Ristell spent the last 2 years developing Ironman 4×4 Foam Cell Pro.

“We started from a blank sheet of paper and worked with 4×4 owners all over the world to produce a no compromise product”

“It was a huge project but I believe we now have a unique shock absorber that will be sought after worldwide and will be the envy of all other brands,” he said.

Through extensive research and development, Ironman 4×4 know that when it comes to 4×4 suspension performance, bigger is really better.

“The key to 4×4 shock performance is dissipating heat caused by suspension articulation and making sure the mounting points are big enough to cope with the stresses a 4×4 vehicle endures; on road, towing or off road in corrugations” he said.

“With more oil and a larger surface area, Ironman 4×4 Foam Cell Pro minimize heat buildup and maintain their ideal performance no matter what you throw at them,” Mr Ristell said.

Ironman 4×4 challenges 4×4 owners to compare Foam Cell Pro with all other brands. The Ironman 4×4 Foam Cell Pro features include

  • 65-72mm outer body
  • 45mm diameter piston
  • 20mm chrome hardened piston rod
  • 3mm exterior tube thickness
  • 360 degree welded mounts
  • Rebuildable design
  • Threaded height adjustable strut spring seat
  • Integrated bump stop (on applicable models)
  • Single piece solid mounting base
  • Solid one piece eye ring
  • Twin Tube Construction
  • Foam Cell Design
  • 3 year / 60,000km Ironclad Warranty

Ironman 4×4 is one of Australia’s largest 4×4 suspension and accessory manufacturers and has been building 4×4 springs and shock absorbers for more than 50 years.

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Kristian Ristell
Suspension Products Manager
Ironman 4×4
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+61 3 9532 1111