Ironman 4×4 is proud to announce the release of our first accessories to suit the new Mitsubishi MQ Triton.

With the MQ Triton soon arriving, Ironman 4×4 wanted to ensure options were available to those buying from the day they are released!

Today Ironman 4×4 releases our range of front and rear bars and airbag compatible side steps and rails to suit the MQ Triton.

The Bullbars are a complete bumper replacement (no cutting required) which will be a great assistance to both workshops and DIYers – improving the ease and speed of fitment and consistency of the fit.

“It’s a unique design” said Ironman’s 4×4 Product Director, Adam Craze. “The bar follows all the new lines on the Triton with even the uprights following the grill”.

The bar has been designed to maximize clearance and ensure it sits as high as possible and features airbag compatibility, high lift jack points, spotlight mounts, UHF aerial tab and winch cradle across the whole range.

Ironman 4×4’s Triton Rear Bars will provide additional side protection, high lift jack points and will comply with the Triton’s maximum towing capacity.

The Steel Side Steps and Side Steps and Rails will also provide an improvement in side protection and accessibility, all whilst achieving airbag compatibility.

With product already in production, you’ll be able to kit out a new Triton sooner than you would expect!

With more in development!