Ironman 4×4’s newest aluminium bullbar is a complete bumper replacement – no cutting required!

The no cut design ensures the bar lines up will all the spectacular angles of the new MQ Triton. Not having to cut the OE bumper means the bar integrates further into the new MQ Triton and improves consistency of the fit.

“It’s a unique bar and we are pushing the limits on our designs” said Ironman’s 4×4 Product Director, Adam Craze. “The bar follows all the new lines on the Triton”. With the 63mm robot welded triple hoop design providing a premium and solid barrier for frontal protection.

The bar has been designed to maximise clearance and ensure it sits as high as possible and features airbag compatibility, high lift jack points, spotlight mounts, UHF aerial tab and winch cradle, all whist taking advantage of the weight savings an aluminium bar provides.