The 2015+ Everest and Ranger have been hugely popular and Ironman 4×4 have responded with a new range of bars to suit all models – including those with adaptive cruise control.

Ironman 4×4 has produced two ranges of bars, the 054 bars to suit vehicles with adaptive cruise control and the 055 bars to suit vehicles without adaptive cruise control – but with a unique style and flair.

The 054 bars include space to fit the radar used for adaptive cruise control as well as pre-drilled holes for parking sensors – perfect for the fully spec’d Ranger or Everest. The usual compliment of Ironman 4×4 features is also included with airbag compatibility, aerial mount, spotlight mounts, winch compatible, high lift jack points and fog lights.

The 055 bars are to suit models without adaptive cruise control, which has allowed us to provide additional styling elements to the design. With additional folds to the edges of the bar created a rounded profile that matches well with the styling of the Ranger and Everest. The 055 bars are predrilled for parking sensors. As with the 054 bars Ironman 4×4’s full complement of features is built into the bars.

Bullbars are available for order from Ironman 4×4 distributors.