Offroad racing is a risky and costly sport, and for our Slovakian distributor this all came to a head at the start of the month. Juruj Ulrichova and  Daniela Ulrichova watched their Ford Raptor go up in flames during the second stage of the Abu Dhabi Desert Challenge.

“The hardest thing is that we have lost everything” said Juruj.

The Ulrichovas were well aware of the risks in the Abu Dhabi Desert Challenge, having already attended the competition 4 times as journalists. This year their “dream came true” with them competing in the T2 Class.

However misfortune intervened when their race car went up in flames just 5km into the second stage. Along with the vehicle all their passports, documents, money, credit cards, diagnostics and equipment burned and unfortunately they were competing without any indemnity (like the vast majority of other teams).

“One minute we were in the car, then we saw flames, and two or three minutes later they were so intense it was pointless  even trying to fight.”

The family have recently initiated a fundraiser on to support themselves and “give them the strength to fight back”. At the time of writing the Ulrichovas have raised €3,505 of their €50,000 goal.

Ironman 4×4 are doing everything we can to assist and would invite others to help support this passionate motoring family as well.