Using the toilet while camping.Whilst not always a pleasant subject, good toilets while camping are something everyone can appreciate!

Many campsites now have drop toilets – which are a great convenience and mean you don’t need to worry about sorting out your own loo! But unfortunately not all sites have facilities – or worse facilities you’d want to use. For this reason it’s always a good idea to take into consideration the possibility you might need to be self sufficient – especially if you are going to more remote areas!

Now it’d go without saying to most, but toilet paper is an essential commodity to take with you! And remember you can never take too much – but you can take too little…. I’ll leave you to think over that one.

Add a little antibacterial sanitizing hand wash and you have the hygiene side covered. But what about how you go about things? Well you can always undertake the age old shovel and squat… But if you’re 4wding you probably have the space and capacity for a bit more luxury – especially on extended trips where you’d likely be self sufficient from your vehicle for days to weeks on end.

Chemical toilets are an option, but they can be messy, they’re bulky and you need specific dump points for the waste.

Ironman 4×4 has produced the award winning collapsible Bush Toilet. A compact solution that gives you the luxury of a toilet you can sit on!
Utilizing bio-degradable bags within the actual toilet – once your business is done you can tie up the bag and dispose of your waste in an appropriately dug hole (make sure you dig one sufficiently deep – you wouldn’t want it just below the surface!).

Now while not a perfect solution for everyone – the Bush Toilet provides a strong and convenient flat pack design that’s easy to slip away inside your vehicle or van when not in use – meaning you’ve got more room for other luxuries… like toilet paper.

Hot Tip

A smarter way of storing your toilet paper rolls! Remove the cardboard from the center of your roll and flatten it. Once you’ve done that you should be able to fit them in individual zip lock bags and can unroll from the center, saving you from having to take it out of the bag – keeping it secure and dry. And make sure the toilet paper you take with you is also biodegradable!