This Halloween, toast some marshmallows and spook your friends with these (kid-friendly) campfire tales. All you need is:


Story courtesy of Mom Junction 

In the early 1900s, there existed a tavern on the road that went from the countryside to the city. Travelers would stop there to eat and rest. The entire tavern would be full except for one haunted room.

Years ago, a fight at the tavern left a man with a severe blow to one eye. As he fainted, the others at the tavern placed him in that room. He never recovered and died in the room. Since then his ghost seemed to haunt that room.

One day a cowboy came to the tavern. The old owner told him that there was no room except the haunted one.

The cowboy said, “I rope bulls and wrestle with them every day. I ain’t afraid of any ghost,” and took the room. That night during a bath, the cowboy heard a booming voice, “I am the ghost with one black eye.”

The cowboy panicked and looked around to find none. He wrapped his towel and ran as fast as he could.

Another day, a barmaid came for a room but the tavern was full. The old man said that there was only one room left and it was haunted.

The barmaid said, “I have seen the most violent of men at the place where I work. No ghost can scare me. I will take the room.”

That night, while tucking into the bed, she heard the same words in the booming voice. A shiver ran down her spine. She wore her gown, picked her luggage, and dashed out of the tavern.

A few days later, came a couple with a son. The couple wanted a separate room for themselves, but the only other room available for the son was haunted.

The son said, “Cool, a real ghost. I will live in it!”

That night, when the boy switched off the lights to go to bed, he heard the voice, “I am the ghost with one black eye.” The young boy calmly switched on the bed lamp and said, “Well, I am a boy scout. If you do not keep your mouth shut henceforth, you will be a ghost with two black eyes.”

There was utter silence. The boy switched off the light and slept peacefully. Since that day, the ghost never disturbed or scared anyone.


Story courtesy of Ultimate Camp Resource 

Once in a little village not that far from here, there was a problem. Animals had started dying off, one by one. In the morning their owners would see them lying outside with 10 holes in their chest. The people thought it was the work of their neighboring town (insert name).

Then, one night a man by the name of Fred was closing his store for the night. It was very late, and he was anxious to get home to his family.

He shut off all the lights, then closed the door with a satisfying click. As he turned around to go to his car he saw a dark shape in the distance.

He stood still trying to make out what it was. As it got closer, Fred turned to go. It was the last move he ever made. The next day they found him with 10 holes in his chest.

This made the town quite worried. They were scared of more people getting killed. So, one night two brave brothers, John and Jacob went out to get rid of the problem. They each took knives, and walkie talkies. They said good-bye to their father, and kissed their grandmother on the way out.

The two boys decided to split up. One would go by the site of the murder, and the other would wander the streets. If one was attacked they could use their walkie talkie to contact the other. So they set off, keeping a close eye on the shadows. Nothing seemed to be happening. It was a calm night, and it seemed like they would get home safely. But then suddenly John heard a crackling in the bushes behind him. He tried to call his brother, but it was too late. The figure leaped out of the bushes and tackled him, gouging his chest with its nails. Luckily Jacob heard the commotion, and rushed to help him. He leaped through the air and cut off the creatures right hand. The creature screamed and ran.
Jacob took John to the hospital, and they bandaged him home. The doctors called them heroes, and finally they got home at 6 that morning.

Only their grandmother was up, so they said good morning, then went back to bed. Neither of them noticed she was missing her hand.


Story courtesy of Icebreaker Ideas

Two young girls, Maddy and Sue, were best friends who spent a great deal of time together. Maddy was spending the night at Sue’s house when they decided to tell ghost stories. Maddy told a story she heard from her older brother about how, if you stabbed a knife into a grave, the person buried there will reach out, grab you, and pull you into the grave.

Sue did not believe the story. Maddy agreed, but said she was afraid to try it even it was just a story.

Sue exclaimed, “I am not afraid. I would try it.”

Maddy called Sue’s bluff, daring her to go to the cemetery down the road and prove that she was not afraid.

Both girls went to the kitchen downstairs, where they found a flashlight and a knife. Maddy decided her dare was silly and begged Sue not to go, but Sue wanted to prove the story was a hoax and that she was not afraid. Off she went, into the dark night.

Maddy sat at the kitchen table waiting for her friend. Fifteen minutes passed, then twenty. Finally, after thirty minutes, Maddy ran to her parent’s bedroom, woke them up, and told them what had happened. She cried in her Mother’s arms as her father grabbed a flashlight and headed towards the cemetery.

When he returned, he was pale and shaken. In a solemn voice, he told Maddy and her mother what he had found. There, on a grave, was Sue, dead with completely white hair. The police were called and after listening to Maddy’s explanation of why Sue was in the graveyard, the investigation determined the death was accidental. When Sue stabbed the knife into the grave, it went through the hem of her nightgown.

Thinking she had been grabbed by the person buried there, she died of fright.