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Alu-Cab – Roof Rack Tray (Excl Load Bars & Table)



Designed to mount inbetween the Alu-Cab load bars and carry up to 100kg’s load.

Please note: Where the product is not shown on your particular vehicle, images used are for illustration purposes only and the actual product design may differ.

What we love about this tray is that you don’t even notice it’s there. The tray sits below the line of the load bars. If mounted to load bars on your tent it’s easy to add some additional gear where needed. The same applies to the roof of a vehicle, canopy or any place that you can add the Alu-Cab load bars and Rack Tray.
At the bottom of the tray one can add the Table mount which allows you to maximise your space and stow the Alu-table to the underside of the tray.

Weight: 10kg approx External Dimensions: 1252mm L x 780mm W x 33mm H


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