Roof racks are an iconic addition to any 4×4. With modern vehicles having lower roof ratings, the need to lighten your load up top is greater than ever.

Ironman 4×4’s newly updated range of Aluminium roof racks. Designed to provide a 60% weight saving over an equivalent  steel rack and engineered to tackle the most demanding  conditions with no compromise in strength or function.

Ironman 4x4s aluminium racks come with a new look,  powder coated in a gunmetal grey finish for durability and  topped with a solid reinforced aluminium mesh these racks  are the strongest and lightest we have ever made!

Designed to work with Ironman 4×4’s full range of mounting feet, these racks are ready to be fitted to a large range of vehicles.

Available in the following configurations:

Part No.Alloy Roof Rack
IRRCAGE14-ALLOYCage Style – 1.4m x 1.25m Alloy Rack
IRRCAGE18-ALLOYCage Style – 1.8m x 1.25m Alloy Rack
IRRCAGE22-ALLOYCage Style – 2.2m x 1.25m Alloy Rack
IRROPEN14-ALLOYTrade Style – 1.4m x 1.25m (Open end) Alloy Rack
IRRTRADE18-ALLOYTrade Style – 1.8m x 1.25m (Open end) Alloy Rack
IRRTRADE22-ALLOY2.2m x 1.25m (Open end) Alloy Rack