Ironman 4×4 suspension kits are 100% certified road legal, up to 50mm. Don’t risk being taken off the road for non-compliant components!

In the recent weeks Ironman 4×4 has received notice of isolated incidents of 4WD vehicles fitted with Ironman 4×4 aftermarket suspension components (particularly those fitted with our adjustable Panhard rods) receiving defect notices for the use of these components. Unfortunately these occurrences appear to be a result of a lack of knowledge on the part of Highway Patrol officers.

We have received acknowledgement from Queensland Transport that there is no case for issuing a defect notice on vehicles fitted with Ironman 4×4 suspension kits and associated components up to 50mm raised.

To ensuring this misunderstanding doesn’t inconvenience others in the future Ironman 4×4 have produced a Certificate of Compliance which you can provide to any authorities who are not aware of our product compliance.