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Alu-Cab – Canopy Cupboard – 1250mm



Add another level of functionality to your canopy.

Please note: Where the product is not shown on your particular vehicle, images used are for illustration purposes only and the actual product design may differ.

A key feature to owning an Alu-Cab product, is the advantage of adding accessories. One of the most useful accessories for the Overlander is cupboards. We offer these to you equipped, or as an empty aluminium cupboard, ready to be personalised and equipped. What makes a cupboard such a useful product, is that it utilises space so well that one could not normally even use easily.

This bolt-on aluminium box adds another level of functionality to your canopy. Allowing you to access a useful amount of storage space without having to reach inside the load bay and canopy. It’s a great place to store your commonly required tools or gear.


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