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20A MPPT Regulator



Efficiently regulates the charging current of your Solar Panels and prevents from overcharging and back feeding.

Please note: Where the product is not shown on your particular vehicle, images used are for illustration purposes only and the actual product design may differ.

  • Regulates the solar panel’s charging current to provide the most efficient charge
  • Prevents the battery from overcharging and backfeeding from the battery to solar panel
  • Compatible with 12V/24V Lithium, LiFeP04, Sealed Lead Acid, Gel and Calcium batteries


  • 160W Rigid Solar Panel
  • 210W Rigid Solar Panel
  • 110W Semi-Flexible Solar Panel
  • 150W Semi-Flexible Solar Panel
  • M4 Connector Wiring Kit
  • Twin Connectors with M & F MC4 Plugs
  • 50A Anderson to M & F MC4 Plugs

Battery Type

  • Lithium, LiFeP04, Sealed Lead Acid, Gel & Calcium
  •  150 x 105.6 x 61.5mm
System Voltage
  • 12V/24V
Battery Voltage
  • 9V-32V
Rated Charging Current
  • 20A
Max PV Input Power
  • 260W / 12V - 520W /24V

1 Year


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