Once a custom project for overlanding trips, Ironman 4×4 brings to the world the Universal Airbag Floatation Device (UAFD), ensuring no crossing is too deep!

Tested using a Land Rovers – Which provide a worst case scenario for water tightness. Ironman 4×4 has undergone extensive testing to ensure ease of use and a universal fitting system is possible.

All vehicles using the UAFD require a snorkel to operate and leakages may occur on longer crossings – user caution is advised and any ingress is at the users own risk. The pontoons are inflated using a proprietary one way valve similar to our ever popular exhaust jacks – this ensures quick and efficient inflation to get you across.

Upon completion the UAFD deflates into a small package that can be stored in a small box for easy transportation.

All Ironman 4×4 UAFD come with a 1 year Ironclad warranty as well as a full kit of patches to ensure years of rough use

Available immediately from your local Ironman 4×4 Distributor

RRP $695