While doing your research we think it’s only fair to explain the differences of our exhaust systems, so you can make an informed decision on which exhuast is best for you!

For vehicles with a capacity of 2.0-3.0L, others will explain to you that a 2.5 inch or 2.75 inch system is the preferred option to upgrade your exhaust, not a 3 inch system. Technically they are correct because what they are trying to achieve is to compress the exhaust gas into a smaller pipe in combination with a restrictive Catalytic Converter to try and control the back pressure to the turbo(s).

Exhaust Component 

Our muffler is designed to suit each vehicle. Inside our mufflers have dimples to aid in providing back pressure and produce efficient flowing exhaust gases. These dimples act as ‘Speed bumps’ for the exhaust gases and change the way the gas behaves inside the chamber to ensure there is no drone while ensuring engine response.

(Image: Ironman 4×4 BigBore muffler inserts)

In combination with a 200 Cell Diesel Specified Catalytic Converter and our specially designed muffler, we are able to control the back pressure from the turbo(s), therefore reducing the “turbo lag”. Our 3 inch system also lowers your EGT’s (exhaust gas temperatures) which is great for customers towing caravans or people who intend to fit a performance module allowing flexibility in tuning.

Fitting an exhaust in combination with fitting a snorkel to aid in cold air induction (please note: Snorkels are not just for creek crossings), in most cases leads to smoother driving and power increase but also better fuel economy.

Also after the fitment of the exhaust, snorkel and any other performance upgrades (intercoolers, turbo etc), it’s strongly recommend to have your vehicle re-tuned.

Additional Points

  • The Ironman 4×4 BigBore Exhaust System is designed with Australian four wheels driving and touring in mind. Our improved design allows the engine to breathe more efficiently increasing torque and pulling power.
  • Each system is designed to get the maximum performance and efficiency from the engine, whilst keeping the noise down and allowing for maximum ground clearance.
  • When developing a new exhaust system our engineers vigorously road test and dyno a standard vehicle to check boost and exhaust temperature. The vehicle is also tested for the standard power and torque output.
  • From this information, we then engineer and tailor an exhaust system to suit a vehicle’s specific requirements, one that provides optimum power, torque and efficiency improvements over a standard factory exhaust.
  • When equipped with from factory, we REPLACE NOT REMOVE THE DPF section to ensure that the vehicle stay legal and adheres to emissions control standard as well as ADR regulations.
  • All Ironman 4×4 exhausts are Australian Made. That means we can produce the highest quality product, and support the local Australian economy.

*With vehicles such as the 2.5 MN Triton, NW Pajero & 3.2L Mazda BT50/ Ford Rangers, during the R&D phase, we have found these vehicles to be equipped with very high boost pressures from factory, thus we have prevented any chance of ‘boost spikes’ by containing the level in the form of a 2.5inch dump pipe.

Good luck with your research. We trust that you now have all of the information you need to make an informed decision on your purchase and of course, we hope you choose Ironman 4×4 Exhausts.