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Check out the gang at Top of Down Under in series 9, as they explore the East Kimberley. 

Special guest appearances from our buddy Ronny Morgan from Just Over the Hill - Tag Along Tours and our very own Adam Craze. 

Series 9 Synopsis

With some unfinished business in Western Australia, Penny returns to the Kimberley, with Part II of the eastern exploration. Following traditional owner Ronny Morgan, the crew attempts to reach the iconic King Gorge falls by making their own off road track.  Having had a taste of the remote coastline in Series 8, this adventure take her 600km further around the treacherously beautiful Kimberley waters. Contending with a 4 meter plus crocodile along the way, and enduring the unpredictable coastal weather.  Then taking a long forgotten track to Pago leads to stunning beaches. Penny and the crew also experience the Munja track and the night native animal feeding at Bachsten Camp. Now nearing the end of the journey there is one destination left, the newly opened Violet Valley campground invites the crew to explore its remote corners. This Series is a must for anyone planning their own trip into the Eastern Kimberley via road or boat.

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Check out some of the travel snaps below 

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Posted on 13/06/2020