Ironman 4x4 are offering a lighter weight, winch compatible option for owners without having to compromise on strength, Ironman 4x4 has released the new aluminium bar for the Toyota Prado 150 Series Facelift (11/2013+).

The Bull Bar is made from highest grade aluminium (5052) ensuring a 35% weight saving over the equivalent steel bar. Ironman 4x4 beefed up the material thickness, the bar itself is 5mm and the mounting plates a beefy 8mm ensuring no compromise on bar strength needs to be made with the move to aluminium.

Being a winch compatible bar, Ironman 4x4 have provided a winch recess cover for those who choose to not install a winch which ensures a uniform finish. The unique front of the vehicle has been complimented by a triple hoop design, which follows the line of the headlights and a step up in the bar for the wings. Individual recessed Fog Lights and LED indicators and parkers complete the look.

The Prado 150 Facelift (11/2013+) bar has been designed to maximize clearance and approach angles and features air-bag compatibility, high lift jack points, spotlight mounts, UHF aerial tab and integrated winch cradle, all whilst taking advantage of the weight savings an aluminium bar provides.

Posted on 05/07/2016