Camber Bolts

When raising or lowering a vehicle with McPherson Strut suspension, an increase in negative or positive camber will result, how much depends on the ride height.

Ironman 4x4 Adjustable Camber Bolts are a universal solution to provide up to ± 1.75 degrees camber adjustment in a wide range of strut suspension vehicles, especially soft-roaders. 

Set contains one pair of essentric bolts, enough to suit one vehicle and are an essential product when raising or lowering a vehicle equipped with McPherson Strut suspension. 

Easy installation with detailed fitting instructions included. Adjustment is gained by rotating the head of the essentric cam bolt till desired result is achieved. 

Best results obtained when used in conjunction with suitable wheel alignment equipment.

  • Ultra High Tensile 10.9 Grade Steel
  • Perma-tight nut and thread

Camber Correction Products

To Suit Suzuki Grand Vitara 2005+
ICAMBER14 Grand Vitara 2005+ Front Camber Bolt Kit
To Suit Suzuki Vitara 1988+
ICAMBER12 Vitara 1988+ Front Camber Bolt Kit