Introducing Ironman 4x4’s new LED light range, providing a variety of lighting options to suit all your driving light needs.

Ironman 4x4 lights are designed and engineered to meet the demanding conditions of off road and on road travel.

Using the latest technology, featuring Osram LED’s these lights are brighter and more efficient than ever before, increasing visibility and reaction time - keeping you and your passengers safer.

Manufactured from diecast alloy housing built to withstand hours of corrugations and extreme conditions, featuring shockproof polycarbonate lenses and high-quality reflectors for ultimate performance.

7" and 9"  Meteor LED Driving Light with Daytime Running Light

Introducing Ironman 4x4's 7" and 9" meteor LED driving lights with daytime running lights.

The integrated daytime running light strip can be configured to automatically switch on when you start your vehicle ignition, increasing your vehicles visibility in any daylight condition.

For more information on the 7" click here, for more information on the 9" click here

7 And 9 Inch

7" Blast Phase II Spot and Combo LED Driving Light

Ironman 4x4’s 7" Blast Phase II Combo and Spot LED lights have been upgraded to an enhanced driving beam. Changed reflectors increasing overall distance whilst improving spread.

For more information on the 7" blast combo click here, for more information on the 7" blast spot click here.

Phase Ii

3" and 5" Universal LED Driving Light

Much more than just a traditional worklight with the addition of side shooters. These illuminate dead area, providing 140 degrees of light. An ideal universal light for night time camp illumination or vehicle reverse assistance (where state laws allow).
For more information on the 3" Universal click here, for more information on the 5" click here

35 Uni

Cosmo LED Dual Light

Offering a dual function, 20W high beam LED spotlight and low beam floodlight with three light settings, high beam spot, low beam flood or combination.

For more information on the Cosmo Dual Light click here


Star Brite LED Rechargeable Flood Light

Ironman 4x4’s Star Brite Light is a rechargeable and lightweight portable LED floodlight that can be easily transported and stored.Ideal for camping, fishing, boating, outdoor entertaining, as a worklight or for emergencies.

For more information on the Star Brite click here

Star Brite

Posted on 27/06/2019