Fcp Strut Leaf Kit

Ironman 4×4 offer a complete integrated range of suspension kits, designs which have evolved over 50 years of suspension experience.

Ironman 4×4 recognise that there is no single solution practical for the varying needs of 4×4 owners and different driving conditions, therefore Ironman 4×4 offer a wide selection of matched components, once fitted will transform the vehicle around the drivers needs.

What do you get?

ALL LEAF SPRING KITS CONTAIN: Springs, Shock Absorbers, Ubolts and Bushes.
ALL COIL SPRING KITS CONTAIN: Springs and Shock Absorbers.

Ironman 4x4 also offer various optional components further enhancing suspension performance or geometry correction purposes. Such components include Greasable Shackles & Pins, Steering Damper, Caster Correction, Trim Packers, Suspension Arms.

Shock Absorber Selection:

Spring Selection:

Suspension Kits Products

UAZ Hunter All Models
IMAZ001BKG UAZ Hunter Suspension Kit - Performance with Gas Shocks
UAZ Patriot All Models
IMAZ001BKF1 UAZ Patriot Suspension Kit - Performance with Foam Cell Shocks
IMAZ001BKG1 UAZ Patriot Suspension Kit - Performance with Gas Shocks
V6 2016+
VOLKS001CKG Amarok 2010+ Suspension Kit - Constant Load with Gas Shocks
VOLKS001BKG Amarok 2010+ Suspension Kit - Performance with Gas Shocks