Short Coil Pair

Ironman 4x4 produce a wide range of coil springs to suit a range of load ratings, all designed to maintain optimum ride height.
Coils springs produced by Ironman 4x4 undergo class leading manufacturing processes to ensure the highest possible quality, including:

CNC Cold Coiled -

All Ironman 4x4 coil springs are CNC Cold coiled to ensure perfect consistency and accuracy. The result of cold coiling means that springs are subjected to less heat during the manufacturing process to help maintain the materials properties and resulting in longer life.

Bar Peeled – 

Bar peeling is the process of forming the material to an exact size before coiling. This ensures the diameter remains constant and free of flaws along its entire length.

Shot Peened – 

Manipulates material surface tension to reduce stress, greatly enhances spring life.

Triple Scragged – 

Each coil is fully compressed to a solid state 3 times to minimise coil settling.

Progressive and Linear Rate –

Used in accordance to original vehicle manufacturers preference, progressive springs increase rate as the spring compresses, linear springs maintain a consistent rate throughout its range.

Powder Coated –

All springs are electro-static powdercoated for a durable finish.

Spring Selection

Coil Springs Products

Isuzu Trooper 4/1992+
HOLD008C Isuzu Trooper 4/1992+ Rear Constant Load Coil Springs
HOLD008B Isuzu Trooper 4/1992+ Rear Performance Coil Springs
Jeep 2018+
SUZ009C Jimny 2018+ Front Constant Load Coil Spring
SUZ009B Jimny 2018+ Front Performance Coil Spring
SUZ011B Jimny 2018+ Rear Constant Coil Springs LHD (Japan Spec)
SUZ011C Jimny 2018+ Rear Constant Coil Springs LHD (Japan Spec)
SUZ010C Jimny 2018+ Rear Constant Coil Springs RHD (Japan Spec)
SUZ010B Jimny 2018+ Rear Performance Coil Springs RHD (Japan Spec)
Jeep Cherokee KJ 2001-2006
JEEP014C Jeep Cherokee Liberty KJ 2001+ Front Constant Load Coil Springs (or Diesel)
JEEP014B Jeep Cherokee Liberty KJ 2001-2006 Front Performance Coil Springs
JEEP015B Jeep Cherokee Liberty KJ 2001-2006 Rear Performance Coil Springs
Jeep Cherokee XJ 1984-2001
JEEP016B Jeep Cherokee XJ 1984-2001 Front Performance Coil Springs