Protecting your vehicle can sometimes be a low priority, when in fact it can be the most expensive repair on the car!

Ironman 4x4 steel powder coated side steps not only give your vehicle protection but also aid you to get in and out of your vehicle. Whether in the outback rubbing along dirt walls, or the big smoke where shopping trollies bounce off your paint work, Ironman 4x4 side steps and rails are a smart investment!

Heavy construction, these steel side steps not only offer you easy access to your vehicle but offer valuable protection to the body of you 4WD.

  • Steel Construction 
  • Strong Steel Checker Plate Tread
  • Added Sill protection 
  • Black Powder Coated Steel Steps 

Steel Side Steps Products

SS044 Isuzu M-UX 2014+ Side Steps
Holden Rodeo RA7 2007-2008
SS001 Rodeo RA7 2007-2008 Steel Side Steps
Isuzu D-Max 2007-2011
SS001 D-Max 2007-2011 Steel Side Steps
Isuzu D-Max 2012 - 2016
SS057 D-Max 2012-2017 Side Steps
Isuzu D-Max 2017+
SS057 D-Max 2017+ Side Steps
Mazda BT50 2006-2011
SS009 BT50 2006-2011 Steel Side Steps
Mazda BT50 2011+
SS039 BT50 2012+ Side Steps
Mitsubishi Pajero Sport 2015-11/2019
SS059 Mitsubishi Pajero Sport 11/2016-12/2019 Side Steps
Mitsubishi Triton ML 2006-2009
SS004 Triton ML 2006-2009 Steel Side Steps
Mitsubishi Triton MN 2009-2015
SS004 Triton MN 2009-2015 Steel Side Steps
Mitsubishi Triton MQ 2015-10/2018
SS050 Mitsubishi Triton MQ 2015-10/2018 Steel Side Steps
Nissan Navara D40
SS042 Navara D40 Steel Side Steps (Spain Built 2010+)